CRE Strategy

CRE groups must develop implement strategies for portfolio management, operations improvement, customer relationship management, cost reduction, sourcing and a host of other challenges.

A CRE Strategic Plan includes goals and implementation plans for:

  • Improving alignment with corporate goals and objectives
  • Reducing overall cost of ownership and operations
  • Establishing a consistent model for delivery of services globally
  • Documenting operating standards and governance processes
  • Driving innovation in service delivery
  • Continuous improvement in asset management

Our Capstan team works with your team to build strategic plans that communicate clear messages to senior management and are actionable by the CRE team.

Components of a Capstan Strategic Plan

  • Background on the CRE function group
  • Goals and objectives
  • Portfolio overview and high level strategy
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Organization structure
  • Staffing development plan (skill sets, headcounts, recruiting, retention, compensation model, training, use of resources from other departments)
  • Sourcing plan (out-tasking and outsourcing)
  • Operations (processes, standards, policies and procedures, etc.)
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Innovations and best practices
  • Road map for improvements
  • Business cases for potential investments

Capstan was engaged by the new director of corporate real estate of a major engineering firm to develop a centralized corporate real estate function. Our work included organization design, writing position descriptions, screening candidates, creating process maps and decision matrices, and prioritizing sourcing opportunities and technology initiatives. In addition, we facilitated meetings between client and service provider teams to define guiding principles and implementation strategies for space utilization, leasing and metro area portfolio consolidations.


Capstan’s library of tools for this service includes:

Organization Health Check/Audit

This survey tool includes a series of questions of CRE department staff related to current plans and budgets, on-going initiatives, performance metrics, key processes, outsourcing relationships and technologies that drive performance. The results generate a high level view of areas most in need of improvement.

Process Maturity Model

This tool was developed by Capstan Advisors from client CRE leaders’ views of team performance, with 15 categories ranging from customer relationship management to project management. The survey uncovers issues at the service line level that require focus in the strategic plan. Results can be updated annually and opinions compared both within CRE departments and between the internal team and its key service providers.

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