RFP Process Management

Managing an RFP process is a team effort between client departments (CRE, Sourcing, Legal, etc.) and the consultant. Capstan’s methodology encourages interactions throughout the RFP process between client CRE managers and personnel from each service provider, particularly with proposed account team members.

Capstan Advisors has the process experience and tools to play a significant role in successfully managing the RFP process. Our advisors work in concert with the RFP Team to:

  • Provide current market knowledge on service providers and contract terms
  • Supply “arms and legs” to assist CRE staff and Sourcing with data gathering and scheduling logistics as necessary
  • Help evaluate service providers’ corporate cultures, strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish a collaborative framework during joint solution sessions with all bidders, focused on finding the best solution for the client
  • Give bidders confidence in the process so they invest time and effort in the bid
  • Bring a library of tools and templates to build the RFP, BAFO letters, evaluation scorecards and draft contract
  • Guide the CRE team in the evaluation process, risk assessment and business case
  • Assist the client in negotiating a contract structure and terms to achieve an “at market” deal or better.

A high-tech client decided to run a global integrated services RFP to consolidate its 20 million SF portfolio under a single provider. The portfolio included manufacturing sites, office space and warehouses in 35 countries.  The client wanted to improve employee experience and the technology supporting facilities services. Capstan wrote detailed Statements of Work for 18 services in scope and invited four bidders to participate in the process. After best and final bids and contract negotiations with two finalists, a single provider was awarded the contract. Capstan was retained to assist with the transition process, which was phased by region over a six-month timeframe.


Capstan’s library of tools for this service includes:





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