Retained Team Training

A key to assuring that the governance system is successful is to train the internal stay behind team on the details of the contract, including how budgeting, reporting, pricing, change orders, KPIs, and day to day operations are to be managed.

To insure a successful transition, we developed a Contract Training program that can be customized to each client’s needs and contract terms. This program helps level-set expectations for improvements to be achieved by the provider over the life of the contract in cost and quality of service delivery. It also helps the retained staff of the client understand their roles in managing the provider and the levers in the contract they can use to hold the provider accountable.

The Contract Training Program begins with a contract abstract document capturing the key elements of the contract and appendices. Next, a contract training curriculum and materials for a client’s stay back team as well as the new account team is developed. Finally, Capstan conducts training sessions for client staff to learn the ins and outs of the contract.

The table of contents of a sample training guide for an international facilities management agreement is shown below:

Module 1

Solution Overview

Introduction to key aspects of the provider delivery model, terms and conditions in the agreement, pricing, transition plan and program for governance.

Module 2

Contract and Governance Training

Detailed explanation of the service provider’s solution, aspects of the agreement requiring on-going management and governance processes, committees, roles and responsibilities.

Module 3

Team Building

Opportunity for client and service provider personnel to participate in a set of exercises and activities to build relationships and enable success


After the new outsourcing contracts were negotiated for a bank client, Capstan developed a training curriculum with collaboration from both the client and service provider teams and launched a global rollout of a “Train the Trainers” program for client staff. The training program explained contract requirements and responsibilities for each staff level. Decision rights (RACIs), responsibility assignments and contract abstracts were incorporated into a web-based governance tool.


Capstan’s library of tools for this service includes:




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