Organization Design

CRE executives are under increasing pressure to improve services yet reduce operating expenses. They need to find great people and design an organization to deploy them effectively. Functional, regional and hybrid models with centers of excellence all have unique advantages depending on the staff skill sets, real estate assets, company business model and CRE outsourcing strategy.

Capstan addresses these challenges as we advise clients in Organization Design and Development strategy:

Capstan addresses the challenge of these changes as we advise clients in Organization Design and Development strategy:

  • How many people should we have given our volume of activity?
  • How should those people be organized and managed?
  • What skill levels do they need to get the work done?
  • How can we motivate employees and providers to improve performance now and further develop their skills over time?

Key deliverables from these consulting assignments include:

  • Mapped Internal Staff, Activities and Comparative Staffing Benchmarks
  • Alternative Organizational Structures
  • Staffing Levels and Budgets based on Organizational Modeling and Benchmarking
  • Position Descriptions that include Responsibilities, Qualifications, Experience and Competencies
  • Staff Redeployment and Recruiting Plans
  • Critical Change Management and Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Communications and Training Materials
  • Ongoing Competency Development Programs
  • Roadmap for Future Initiatives


For a leading entertainment conglomerate, Capstan was retained to consult with all five divisions of the company, each with their own Facilities Management groups, and to design a centralized corporate real estate function.  Our work included cost benchmarking, writing position descriptions, creating process maps and decision matrices, and organization design reviews. After our recommendations were implemented, we were asked to assist with an “FM Light” outsourcing process which resulted in the selection of a global provider to bring technology and process improvement to the CRE function.


Capstan’s library of tools for this service includes:

Organization Structures and staffing Models

FTE Mapping Tools and Staffing Benchmarks

Competency Models

Position Descriptions for Over 60 Categories



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